Bo Knows August 1st

Its been a while, blog.

Major milestone today – public release of information i’ve been holding off the internet for 3 months. baby time.

August 1st to be precise. Gender at this time is still unknown, but i’ll take to calling it by its probable middle name at this point – Bo (in honour of Julies’ dad Bobby Haber)

baby bo

Ultrasound was ‘a treat’, not like dairy queen ice cream, but like someone letting you drive a golf cart when you are young. Science has the potential to be too transparent for me – something i can find icky. But this was cool, a little window through julie’s belly, to see a 6cm baby Bo. 154bpm heart beat sounds like a deep industrial euro techno groove. If i was more of a garageband kinda guy (newman?) i would have asked for a sample as a file and made music out of it.

Healthy, developing well, i hope science will continue to deliver good news like this to me.

3 Responses to “Bo Knows August 1st”

  1. thedysh Says:

    with cheese and grilled chicken i hope.

  2. katie frank Says:

    how wonderful! greatest news ever. love to you both. -katie

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