The Offseason

Since the completion of the NBA season and the acute rise in temperature, i have been laying quite low. Here is a brief summary of days-gone-by:

(Part 1)
Israel-Lebanon Conflict: Wow. Yet another Right vs. Left internal head debate. Innocent Lebanese vs Destroying Terrorism. Destabilizing the Region vs Letting Irregular Armies Gain More Clout. So tough, gives me a headache thinking about it. I wish i was a hardcore liberal or hardcore right winger, at least i’d have a leg to stand on and some faith inthephilosphy and a group of yes-men around the net.

Villanueva-Ford Trade: Wow, almost as important! Never trade Big for Small. Really? ok i’ll remember when TJ is slashing to the hoop, and running the fastest offence to hit the ACC hardwood (or the Dome). TJ is the risky peice, and frankly i dont care if CV3 gets 20/10 next year. There are lots of guys that can get 20/10 if their coach allows them to shoot 20+ shots. A while ago i read anarticlecritizing Big Dog: No D, horrible +/- Charlie hasn’t shown defensive toughness, and i think he may be a talented guy, but i’d really like to see how this pans outinmilwakee this season.

My Railing / Housewarming The house is coming along well. We’ve got some nice furniture and a few paintings, mirrors, lighting etc. We are still awaiting our glass railing. Its in the shop, i just need an installation crew to lift it into a truck and bring it home. I also made some new windows at work, also waiting for some guys to free up time to slot them in. The kitchen is moving along nicely – I fitted a stainless steel hood on the weekend, and i am tilingthebacksplash as early as friday. As soon as i get these remaining tasks finished i will take a final flickr set of the after photos, and make announcments for an official housewarming.

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  1. Jon Whitzman Says:

    Did you hear that after T.J. Ford came to Toronto, he called an Israeli soldier to offer encouragement and support while the soldier recovered from a serious neck injury, which he suffered from a fall down a railing-less flight of stairs?

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