Dirk Pitt Revisited.

This long weekend in may i finally unpacked my last box labeled by Julie as "Jody Crap". Inside were a host of goodies that will show up on this blog for a long time to come. I call them retro goodies, the kind that are analog (read:old) and need to be re-awakened. Some of what i found was a collection of fairly substantial photography from ages 3-16. I also found high school 'art' photography as well as 'art' photography from university. I plan to scan some of the highlights and low lights for months to come.

I also came across some dysh1.0 stuff like some dvds and cds containing early filming / editing adventures. I'll have to some serious scanning and tagging and flickr work to bring these kodak papers up to 2.0 – One such digital creation has been brought up to 2.0 standards (lost a lot from various forms of compression) was the "dirk pitt" trailers.

Long before the movie 'Sahara' with Matthew McConaughey and Steve Zahn (quite entertaining i might add) came the idea by Sam Z to mock the book's rediculous characters through film. Sam suggested the idea after I showed up one day at Shayl + Sam's carleton residence demanding they make a film with me (due in some ridiculous deadline for university). The footage yielded two short trailers about 60 and 90 seconds respectively. The outtakes totally at least 45 minutes of tape. I've now got my hands on the original tapes, and with some luck i will post the outtakes here at a later date. But for now, enjoy the originals:

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

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  1. Josh Says:

    Sam’s one suave super-spy, but I think the Razzie has to go to Shael’s ‘it’s a set-up!’ line. Gold.

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