Year of the Sandwich

Allan's Creation

Year of the Sandwich (thanks to allan pynn) was officially declared sometime last week. We still have several months to go. Lets get our meat (or veggies) and our starch too. Don't be affriad of the carbs, some of the worlds greatest minds eat carbs too. Lets take some pics of the sandwichs we love, the people we love them with, and the lovely people who make them.

Flickr Gallery will reside here

email for instructions on how to post

P.S. Ain't no shame in an open-face.

Also for your reference here is wiki's sandiwch listing 


4 Responses to “Year of the Sandwich”

  1. josh Says:

    may I suggest flickr tagging photos with YOTS ?

  2. thedysh Says:

    if you have a flickr account absolutely i will just add them as my favourites, and include them in my YOTS set. For those who don’t have flickr i have an email address that i can give out that will send photos directly to my account.

  3. adam Says:

    Maybe this is the sandwich I have been searching for. It certainly earns a spot on my blogspot.

  4. elmyra Says:

    It seems delicious but not easy to eat 🙂

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