Does Dubya have Alzheimers?

I was reading my daily dose of drudgereport and came across this photo of Bush and it hit me. Maybe the man has Alzheimers. This picture really has that ‘look’ to it. The weakening of the lip and mouth muscles causing him to kind of clench to hold them in place and keep him from looking disabled and / or drooling. A quick search on google under “does george w have alzheimer’s?” reveals a few direct hits including Kevin Cassell’s writing on the subject.

Reagan served two terms while dealing with the disease and Bush’s age is the prime target zone for early onset signs of the illness. I think only time will tell whether we were dealing with a president that was dealing with a full deck.

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One Response to “Does Dubya have Alzheimers?”

  1. Jon Says:

    that idea makes so much sense/terrrible fear. the corollary is scarier: as a result of the illness he would retire from the public life and spend even more time with a gun in his hands than he already does now.

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