Boris Diaw, Steve Nash, Shawn Marion and Bryan Colangelo.

There must have been a meeting in which a math formula was drawn up: how much over market value is a player worth who is willing to fully buy into a system? Nash seemed to fit the bill, and Colangelo stole him out from under Mark Cuban’s Claws.

Boris Diaw proves to be another example of either really good scouting and offseason moves by bryan colangelo, or that steve nash can make Barbara Streisand look like Calista Flockhart. Either way it make the new raps GM look great.

It was presumably bryan’s plan to court a free agent in nash who seems to be genuinely occupied with playing basketball for the sake of the game. He loves making his teamates better, and we love watching it.

Marion and Diaw seemed to be a two headed monster. Marion has been grabbing a league leading 12.4 boards per game – playing half of the missing centre role with Amare out the season(*). Diaws been doing just about everything else – D’ing up the teams opposing centres, steals, blocks, scrappy play, hustle & finesse.

No sportswriter whatsover would have been able to predict the improbable rise of Boris Diaw of france. Raptors fans may a remember a few times where the former-hawk lit us up, but we just wrote it off as the fact that two bottomdweller teams are playing games with no defence, someones gotta put up big numbers.

I’ve never seen such a versatile guy. At times he brings the ball up the floor, he’s played a kind of typical SG role in the past, sometimes handling the ball if nash and barbosa are both out. After realizing early in the year that the Kurt Thomas expiriment (**) wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, he has been seing a lot more time at Small and Power Forward. But more recently he has been playing games as the starting Centre.

Maybe Magic or Bird did it once before, but i don’t know of a player in my basketball modern history that has started a few games at sg, sf, pf and centre in a given season.

* Amare may still return before the seasons end.
** Maybe Bryan is capable of some less then stellar moves?

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One Response to “Boris Diaw, Steve Nash, Shawn Marion and Bryan Colangelo.”

  1. Josh Says:

    I don’t know that you’re being fair to Kurt.

    He wasn’t supposed to be their go-to, but a compliment to the meat that is Amare – think of him as the special sauce (enter your requisite ejaculatory reference here, I can handle it) on the Phoenix 12 incher (come on, I dare you…)

    I think that Kurt is actually on par, if not overacheiving in Phx. Look at our fantasy league – despite it being really shallow, KT was rarely a free agent – contributing 8, 10, and 2 with upside, rarely having an 0-fer.

    What more can you expect from Kurt Thomas? I’ve been programmed to group all of the ‘Thomases’ together – Billy, Etan, Tim, James, John, Kenny and Kurt together…because none are expected to stand out much.

    To summarize: Congrats, Kurt and Kenny – doin’ the surname proud. To Billy, James, and John…forming a boyband, whether they are vocally talented or not (see Walter McCarthy), would almost guarantee a reality show during BET/ESPN primetime….just think about it.

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