Pimp my Fahrrad

A few things about today. Drove the new GTI, fucking brilliant. 2.0 litre turbo, DSG transmission, so so nice. 4 door coming in june (finally). Plaid seats?! GTI Minisite

Then later in the day i was thinking about the VW fast ads i viewed on google video Did they make me go drive the car?

Earlier in the year on our honeymoon we came accross a german mtv show called ‘Pimp my Fahrrad” (bicycle) there are some great clips on mtv.de site so you get the picture. I watched full episodes just laughing at the expressions in german that made a bike pimped.

This led to the following being a nice end to the internet day. Coming across this vw ad that melds both the new GTI and the german spirit exhibited in the MTV show.


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