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Mr. Greek has long been a feast for me, and many who enjoy sharing in feasting. It has provided delicious and nutritious portions of Salad, Rice, Chicken, Lamb, Beef, Pork, Potatoes, and Gyros etc.

It was about 1995 (give or take 10 years ago) when I began to really enjoy dousing my food in tzatziki. For the next ten years I proceeded to order an appetizer portion of the white stuff to enjoy with my platter. During my adolescence no-one commented on how garlic seeped out of my body and into the atmosphere. It was evident when I began to simultaneously date and consume Mr. Greek that this was going to be an issue. Turns out my whole system top to bottom ( I need not say more) is affected by the overload of yummy garlic. Moreover, if i partake in physical activity (read: bball) within 24 hours of consuming this de-lite, the results are less then desirable for those who have to cover me.

March 10, 2005 I had lunch with Julie at Mr.Greek @ Dufferin and Finch. The last time i had consumed mr.greek i had a small salad and one skewer of chicken on the side. I only ate half the itty-bitty container of Tzatziki to see what would happen. It seemed that at this point in my garlic career, any quantity would amount to a negative effect. Fast foward to the present: No Tzatziki! a bold statement that nearly shocked Julie out of her seat. “NO TZATZIKI! ?” she remarked, with un-deniable subconscious relief.

I proceeded to shock the world, and consume my entire small chicken platter ( rice, salad and chicken) without touching the removed and forbidden white yogurt-based condiment. I finished the meal, burped a few times, and on the car-ride back to work realized something:

Mr. Greek is to garlic what cigarettes are to nicotine; a delivery device. It was really my addiction to garlic that I loved, and without that Mr. Greek is Mr. Mediocre.


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