trendy blogs!?

How disposable is this blog?

It’s free, it neither lives nor dies, few people read it, and all could function without it.

Is it trendy of me to post pics at thedysh and make commentary. You have to be a bit of a nerd to setup a php photo gallery. Therefore i have invested time, and my photos do matter to me. I have never printed any of the over 1000 digital pics i have taken in the short few years of digital photography. My gf has, my mom has, but not me…. I don’t care for having prints lying around or in frames, when i can chat about thedysh with people online.

Other then reminding one’s self about a moment in time, photos have a secondary purpose of sharing that experience with others. A blog’s purpose is similar, but unless you prod people into viewing or reading, its fairly un-received.

I cannot speak on behalf of those who have truly moving stories or photos, but my online works are pretty run-of-the-mill, with a notable exception: I have purposely skipped over the midlife-midlife crisis trip to southeast asia.


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